About us


Gaia Italia developed a ten-year expertise accrued in the fishkeeping sector by its founders, Giacomo Guarraci, Davide Robustelli and Ciro Steffen. The steady work in close cooperation with the natural aquarium enthusiasts in all its aspects, starting from the biotope and up to the planted aquarium, allows us to offer an extremely refined and innovative product in which aesthetics and features merge according to the fine principles of Italian craftsmanship.

The company appeals both to the end customer, who’s not satisfied with the modern similarity of commercial aquariums, and to the shops willing to offer their targets a unique and exclusive product.

Consulting, design and implementation, setup and installation: we follow directly each of these steps in order to ensure an excellent execution in all its details. Tailormade aquariums, piece of furniture in many finishings, display frames, furnishings materials and technical accessories are only some of the products we can offer.


A network of specialists

Our philosophy reflects also in the people we work closely with: skilled artisans who are not so far from our office, in order to reduce transportation consumption.

Opinions or questions?

Come and visit our offices, or write us to ask for information o share suggestions about our products.