Why a “biosystem”?

Design and implementation of an aquarium is not a number of elements,
rather is a biological development process.

Everything starts from an empty tank

then life takes its course.

You’re not a bystander, you’re part of it.

We create the basics. Nature does it with its soul.

You will benefit from the energy that connects
all the life forms in our biosystems.

A biosystem is made of elements which are essential for the evolution of life.
It is a system addressed to all those aiming at understand how the organisms are
closely related to each other, how symbiosis work, as well as competitions setting
the rules on the planet.

Life on earth always follows the same patterns
from very ancient times.

A mirror of nature

The biosystems designed by Gaia are true means of knowledge, a mirror of nature,
and help us to become aware of the world around us which is shaping the future generations.

Filosofia Gaia Italia

Go beyond the aquarium’s boundaries.

We should think about our behaviour outside our own ecosystem.

The awareness of the relentless but gentle balance of a biosystem,
can help us to realise that our Planet deserves more consideration.

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